An exercise in constraint

Première fois jogging, foreign-fresh
Autumn opens wide its nutmeg-
smelling mouth; coughs brittled leaves.

Japanese garden, rounded stone thoughts
L’Erdre bobs des maisons-bâteaux
Que j’ai chaud! Sweat begins
bundling drops within body creases.

Woody things grow ever thicker
Twilight settles greyblue-like over
mosquito clouds and city river

Crossing small bridge, erroneously thinking
I’ve turned around now southward-
facing, dangerously keeping going.

Dusk descends, surroundings grow increasingly
remote. Worry swells; possessing
zilch but keys and body
Naked, sans centimes and cards

Gasp-dread rising, seeing highways
extend out through the countryside
Vivid searching, streetlamp-lit eyes
Upon bus stop salvation settle.

Karma softens and provides…
Old lady comes and brings
xx-centimes – just enough for voyage
home (-away-from-home).

~ by kingzoko on July 29, 2010.

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