The mind-body connection

Urea gathering in my tract
Dreams are gathering in my brain
Pieces will fit together soon
Grotesqueries will insert themselves
assuredly but quite

Always many people, always lots of rooms
(“rooms represent
the hollows of your skull,
the pockets of your mind”
I was once told
Such wisdom from
that mohawked, tattooed, plug-pierced man at the bar)

The obstacles:
too many people
not enough toilets
never enough privacy
Can’t a girl piss in peace?

Find a bathroom – bluegrey-painted stalls, bluegrey-painted walls
dark, dark, dark
Water in pools, all over the floor
Fungi in bunches
in every wet corner
Pissing place of
gremlins, cave trolls
Subsurface gnomes
empty their bladders
Why else would water…?
Why else would it smell like…?

Every stall door is broken
Excuses for hinges
This was a hinge once
a million years ago.

Must crouch gnome-like upon seat
for if bottom touches, this foretells
the End of the World
bowls brim with unswallowed filth
Poop piled in layers
stacked up through the bowls’ mouths
Fear of toilets, a coming-alive
They will swallow me whole!

Now jump forward
months & months forward
A new dream
freshly pressed
from the sleeping-heat dryers of the skull
ferments up there
While urea ferments down here
as usual.

This one contains
skinny goth girls skinny valley girls skinny punky girls skinny preppy girls
Why’re my grey wrinkles so infested with parties?
Where’d all these goddamned girls come from?
And why
why oh why
do they all hafta pee AT THE SAME GODDAMNED TIME?!

Why are the toilets
just holes in the ground
but with pink porcelain rims
and no stalls
So that I’m forced to squat
and listen
to the inanities
of the lip-pierced, black eye-painted ditzy beauty
squatting next to me?

It is
no fair.
I want
and privacy.
I want… I want…
(Tract to brain: wake THE FUCK up!)

~ by kingzoko on July 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “The mind-body connection”

  1. yes. i just posted my first “poem” in awhile & we have theme connection. write write write.

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