Awkward forays into poetry

Since I “became an adult” I haven’t given much consideration to poetry. (I loved reading and writing it as a child.) I thought the genre gave itself over too easily to Ultimate Cheese, and so all but dismissed it (e.e. cummings was the “all but”). Recently, however, I’ve discovered various examples of really interesting stuff with only tiny trace amounts of cliché – such trace amounts that I’ve been enjoying and even getting inspired by certain pieces and poets. Inspired enough, apparently, to decide to give the genre a chance again. And it goes quicker than writing fiction, ha.

The “Flower muncher” and “An exercise in constraint” both had stipulations, given by others, that I needed to follow in writing them. If you’re interested in knowing what the constraints were, let me know and I’ll post them. The “Flower muncher” piece also has an extra element – its structure following a particular mathematical concept that I’m ~cough~ a bit obsessed with – bonus points to whoever can guess what it is.

~ by kingzoko on July 30, 2010.

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