Flower muncher

Red rose?

Red red rose.

Drenched in wine,
Rose soggy, at bottom of glass (empty).

She sips drips that remain.
Then, she begins
munching on soggy petals.

Munch, munch. Imagines.
Little girl, secret garden.
Doused in something…red light?
Raining wine, watering vines
that munch across years on garden walls.

Tears of wine drip down her yellow cheeks,
red rain pieces slide down citrine flesh.
Lilies of Valley, white
white-skirted against red lips munching –
for contrast, evidently (starkly).
She’s hungry.
Perfumy white bells give of themselves, freely.
No where else does she find such generosity.

~ by kingzoko on July 30, 2010.

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