World of tin

Face of tin, torso tin
burnished black tin grey tin blue tin
clockwork insides (clicking gears)
six arms
ten legs
he walks, he waves
appendages together now:
screech hiss clang-bang
like the others
robot brethren marching, marching.

It is the end of the world parade
and he’s a silly marching man
burnished black tin grey tin blue tin
his metal mouth
a band-saw scowl
many many
oh quite like him
walk ahead, behind, beside him
robot brethren marching marching.

Another planet
mists quite different
a world of tin
for them to live in
oh the flimsy metal it has
overtaken everything
smoke & fog swallow tin buildings
through the streets
burnished black smoke grey fog blue fog
through it, clumsy
walk those of tin
robot brethren marching marching.

And all is smoke
and all is fog
and all is dark
& in-between
tips of tin towers fall down into
a thousand throats of blue mist grey mist
and all the while
mechanized tin creatures
wave and walk
and chew so calmly
their marching neighbors’ six arms six arms
down to the clockwork
snortling chortling
through the haze
robot brethren marching marching.

Here come explosions
tin men shred and
burnished black tin grey tin blue tin
parts have flung:
swaat squorsh and criiip
buildings drizzled
in tin entrails
…and up they fly!
such flimsy metal men
into an atmosphere swelled red
swelled red from elements reacting
as heartily as one’d expect
of elements, yes elements
…and down they burrow!
such flimsy metal men
into a soil of particulated tin
the soil of their mother
giant pregnant metal mother
and then the quiet
and no more marching
and no more robots
marching marching.

The parade is over
the end of the world beginning
the planet a tin pastry
with smoke & mist filling
burnished black smoke grey mist blue fog
robot brethren ashes floating.

~ by kingzoko on August 24, 2010.

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