We are the pattern-seekers

We are the pattern-seekers
jesus and the man in the moon
numbers flit through darkened rooms,
alighting on the wrinkly arms
of mathematicians eccentric & ancient
their equations glow
like fireflies
one by one, enchanted,
by symbol symbols
these seekers of patterns most extreme
tuck them snugly into bed
draw tiny quilts of quotient signs
equal signs factorials
over their rapidly blinking eyes.

And so, consider…
the magical pattern feast
dripping golden things
golden ratio; golden triangle
pentagon of wonder
cross-sections of okra & gynoecium of apple
echinoderms’ sprightly
fivefold radial symmetry
regrets at my lack of intimacy
one one two three
five eight thirteen
spiral in swirls or stack
in box formations.

And then consider…
base 2.
zeros and ones, zeros and ones
always humming
humming humming
beneath the surface
of tappings on keyboards
being chewed and spat out
(logic gates flipping)
by chips into screens
where finally we can process
our beloved & mountainous

And then consider…
epitome of sweeping regular curves
epitome of not understanding
graphing calculators never really helping
but there are those who possess
the sine & cosine keys
with which they’ve unlocked
slices of the universe
measuring at their bespectacled leisure
sound waves, seasons
the beating of our narcissistic heart.

And then consider…
imaginary numbers.
the square root of negative 1
which threw off D-503
so mightily in “We”
which may have been inspiration
for mushroom-sitting, hookah-smoking
caterpillar in “Alice’s
Adventures…,” after all –
he had such
loose mathematical reasoning
but today he’d be king
of common computations
airplane lift & bridge vibrations
et cetera.

And then consider…
the applications
the narrations
for my Peyton
dreams in octaves and perfect fifth pitches
for my Anezka
fills up planes with lines rather Euclidean
for my Heidi
sees heights, depths & widths floating everywhere.

It is the end, so consider…
chaos theory.
the grand (im-)measureable mysteries
that lick my more familiar obsessions
eternities of neverending
someone’s story
someone’s poem
someone’s beaded necklace
follows a complex
geometrical shape
a complex

We are the pattern seekers
and it is sad
because I cannot understand any of it
because I am
too dumb.

~ by kingzoko on September 1, 2010.

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