Dear American Youth

Dear American Youth,

The time for thinking smart is nigh. First – start thinking, stop pissing about. Once you’re familiar with the basics of thinking, move on to more complex thoughts. Eventually, if you’re lucky, you may cross the border into the realm of intelligent ideas. I’m giving you a heads-up. Smart thinking will be demanded of your generation; my generation is filling up with ancient craniums that can’t think for doodley-squat.

That happens, of course, as one ages. The brain becomes increasingly useless, until things wrap around and the really old begin to resemble the really young. They coo to themselves and do other baby things like drool. Then, they die. Or rather: this has been the case until now. But things are changing. I hear talk of nanobots. The Creator of the Universe never saw this happening. Real life and science fiction are becoming one. The nanobots are in your future. They will travel through human bodies and fix every nano-problem with their nano-appendages. And these tiny beasties are precisely why thinking smart is imperative. Hyper-scientific thinking brings us the nanobots, but hyper-practical thinking will be needed to deal with the repercussions of such a creation. For instance: what will you do with the increasingly curmudgeonly but never dying sector of the population? There will be greater and greater generational rifts. There will be excessive boredom. Multiplication of existential crises. Wars fueled by boredom and existential crises. And so on.

My scenario of smaller brains and human-to-penguin evolution was completely off-base. In fact, it was one-hundred-and-eighty degrees off-base. Because with the advent of nanobots, brains will get bigger – bigger and bigger! And one day they’ll be so big that the human body will be too unbalanced to stand upright. Earth’s gravity will suck at their overweight heads, and people everywhere will topple to the ground. That is, if they don’t first blow each other up in a great nuclear blast. So start thinking smart, American Youth.

All the best (and glad I won’t be around for it),
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

~ by kingzoko on October 12, 2010.

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