Dear Orchard-of-Skulls Fucker

Dear Orchard-of-Skulls Fucker,

I know what you did. You are one sick fuck. That’s right, it’s non-me. The soul belonging to the body that lies there. Yes, that one – crusted with mud, and stiffening now. As if war weren’t vile enough. Where does your kind creep in from? How have you avoided conscription? I bet there’s a filthy nest of you somewhere. A nest, where you traipse about, and trip over flesh in various stages of decomposition. A nest: stagnant with such rotting carcasses, their anuses prolapsed even in death from so much working over. I imagine the entirely automated groan of sphincter muscles in their post-final revolt popping men’s insides out onto the mildewed ground. What horror.

I can’t get the scowl off my non-face. If I could vomit in this place, and if this place had a floor, it would be covered with my disgust. This is the first time for non-me; or rather, for that body over which I preside. But I am no virgin to the stories of my fellow Weofthebeyond. It happens often enough. I know you must break as many taboos as possible. The Orchard-of-Skulls is prime hunting ground, isn’t it. From whence does this nastiest of habits arise? I see you skulking away. I hope you’re forced to spend hours cleaning the splatter of post-mortem feces off your crotch. I think with glee about the near-future, when you come to realize that your insides are infested with maggots. That’s right. The body was none-to-fresh, and while you did your deed, the little critters saw an opportunity to switch apartments. You were too busy to notice them crawling enthusiastically up your urethra.

Weofthebeyond cannot exact revenge. It is not within our power. So I am thankful for the maggots. Thankful, also, of the fate that lies in store for you when you pass on. Yes – for you’ll be sent to the other side of the lake. And I’ll amuse my non-self by watching your pain and suffering from across the uncrossable bridge spanning the Great Afterlife Lake dividing my non-kind from yours.

Most sincerely,
Weofthebeyond #334511729755
a.k.a. the-soul-of-Gregory-Wellington

~ by kingzoko on October 12, 2010.

One Response to “Dear Orchard-of-Skulls Fucker”

  1. Soooo creepy. Very effective.

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