The lake

As the man stood on his box, bellowing with righteous conviction, he saw a trickle of blood snake through the grass of the quad. When he blinked it disappeared, so he kept on yelling. He yelled and yelled and grew hoarse. “We’re all sinners, every last one of us!” the man cried. But he noted despairingly how his message was being ignored by students and faculty as they walked by. He glimpsed the exasperation on their faces; he caught the exaggerated rolling of eyes. He heard a girl hiss “Jesus Christ” under her breath, and his heart beat in heavy anguish at the irony of it. How could he make them see the light? This task felt more insurmountable with each passing day.

The man quieted to regain his breath. Surveying the campus spread before him, he once again noticed the bloody rivulet. It was growing wider and deeper, swelling into a small stream. It had the color of Burgundy wine and the viscosity of honey. When the man tried to blink it away this time, it stayed. And now there were multiple streams, all flowing toward him! Why did no one else notice? They flowed down the quad’s green slopes. They flowed out the doors of the large concrete buildings. Dark carmine strands converged around the man, forming a lake on which his box, with him atop, began to float. Students deftly circumnavigated the burgeoning pool, but otherwise paid no attention. They blathered away on cell phones, juggled books and coffees, bit heartily into apples. The man had started to panic. Sweat percolated from his temples and armpits. Confusion and fear swathed his head in grey wool. His box began rocking back and forth on the rolling plasma waves. Suddenly, everything was clear as cloudless day. He would finally make them see! Inhaling deeply, the man screamed, “IT IS THE SECOND COMING!” and fell backward into the red waters.

Across the quad, people continued their various activities. A few students sighed in relief – that bothersome man on the box had at last taken a break from his infernal shouting.

~ by kingzoko on January 4, 2011.

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