Bean Drip dialogues: Peyton and Melora

At Bean Drip café, Peyton and Melora sat at a small, round, wobbly table near the windows. They blew on the froth of their cappuccinos, and spoke in confidential tones.

“I thought that living this way would be the most direct line into the vein of adulthood. But I’m nearing thirty, and despite everything, I still feel like a kid. I’m high-functioning, yes. But at the end of the day, there’s still way too much crazy in me. How do I get there, Melora?”

“I dunno. You’re stuck inside your child-head conception of what it means to be an adult, probably. Also, qualities of the so-called ‘mature’ individual, you know – a consistent morality, true acceptance of responsibility…a diplomatic grace in dealing with others – such things are rare these days. Crazy or sane: near-equally rare. Maybe we’re just, as a species, evolving away from them. Maybe we’re degenerating. Or more accurately, maybe those were only ever ideals.”

“Well, why do you feel you’re a real adult?”

“Define ‘real adult’.”

“Someone who doesn’t have so many issues.”

“Then there are no real adults in the world.”

~ by kingzoko on June 7, 2011.

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