The desert doesn’t smell like much

Documentation of primary experiences.

Slight crinkly sound of wind against tent. Trailer doors slamming. Motors humming to life. Low voices dogs barking. Wind against tent sound sounds like people walking lightly by – thought people were walking lightly by all night as drifted in and out of sleep. Sun has crossed mountainous horizon line and is warming tent, feels good inside here. I’m in a small, oddly-shaped yellow ball. In the middle of this god-forsaken place, that is so hot and dry, that has death in its name, so many miles of emptiness (near-emptiness – vistas of brown & red & tan rock and miniature shrubs) surrounding me, and yet… here is a tiny pocket of civilization. Flushing toilets, running water, cars, other people. We have created it artificially. This little artificial enclave – it is so weird. Why do we do these things? This artificial displacement? Because we want to see – because “seeing is knowing”.

And this little pocket of painful lead that has given me so much trouble, that has forced me to act the baby. If it doesn’t improve today I will scream. But should not worry about it any longer. Should just let things be. Experience fully – the desert, the pain. Wanted a most relaxing time but this unstretchable spinal pocket of lead will not let things go that way, so must just be as at peace as can. Don’t try to ignore, don’t stress about it being or going. Just live. There will be coffee and more jokes and more driving and sand dunes. There will be heat. The desert doesn’t smell like much. Only after we returned last night and people had started their campfires and cooking did it smell. Smelled good, a smell I associate with camping – but it is not the smell of the desert. It is a natural smell, but artificially created and sequestered.

There are desert mice. They are ballsy and adorable.

~ by kingzoko on April 5, 2012.

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