The diner in Independence, CA

I was looking into the future looking back into the past which was the present. And I made a mental note. In fact, I did more – I verbalized the oddity of such a thing to Madeleine, and she understood immediately, and we sat there pondering the near-unfathomable nature of time. And now that comment, that understanding between friends, that pondering, is encased within a scene, viewed from third person, of us sitting at that booth over half-eaten salads and sandwiches, nursing our half-drunk beers in the colorless, too-large, near-empty diner in Independence, CA, pop. 669, and that scene is in turn encased in a memory that forms a whole. I retrieve the memory, I look back into the past (which my past self envisioned my future self – now my present self – doing) and I feel the nostalgia and wonder I knew I would feel, except it is slightly cheapened by the pre-knowing.

~ by kingzoko on April 11, 2012.

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