The hard-boiled eggs

the hard-boiled eggs emit mellow, rhythmic bleeps
e sheathed itself in sassy pink with fuzzy trim
papery cabinet scents embalming grandma’s house,
and her

mellow, rhythmic bleeps are raspberries popping in a colander
m curled up within its fuzzy trim, wavelet blue
grandma’s house redolent of lilac soap & summer nights,

the raspberries emit a million insect-wing buzz
b sheathed itself in wavelet blue, seaglass-smooth
lilac soap & summer night scents embalming that year in Nantes,

the million insect-wing buzz was a carton of cream
o licked its sides, seaglass-smooth and olive green
that year in Nantes redolent of flour & bread-baking,

the carton of cream emits a low siren song
d sheathed itself in olive green, its gentle ridges
flour & bread-baking scents embalming childhood-home holidays,
and their

low siren song is lightly-salted tilapia
i rustled its gentle ridges burned orange
childhood-home holidays redolent of horoscope musk


~ by kingzoko on July 3, 2012.

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