Exercises in style (4): Sparse modification

You are at the skylight in the attic. It is slanted because the wall holding it is so. You’re watching the moon which is full. It sits at the bottom edge of the skylight. There are tears at the bottom edges of your eyes. Downstairs, a woman is crying. She’s crying your name over and over. You know this woman. Have known her, for centuries it seems. The two of you have passed through many lives together. A rupture has led to this. Salt pools in miniature. The wallpaper hems you in. Flowers and plants of a jungle quality are painted over its entirety. There is no white. Pockets of blue sky dot the perimeter towards the ceiling. The rest is green, pink, orange. You feel claustrophobic because of it. Your head swims a bit. Your heart feels clutched at.

You continue to stare at the moon. Sorrow in your chest. Her laments persist. Your ears burn from her voice. Your vision comes from out irises the color of coffee. Your vision is fixed on that roundness and whiteness in the night. It has risen some. It waxes; it is gibbous. You do not move. Yet there is movement around you. It is movement of the ferns from off the walls. The dragon lilies bend into the room. A monkey made of paint steps off its paper. Birds that were of two-dimensions swoop into the space. They call. Their calls disrupt her crying from below. You do not hear her well anymore. The scent of birds-of-paradise invades your nostrils. You breathe in. Her smell lives on in these blooms.

Hours pass. You are still at the skylight. Eyes on the moon. It has risen more, through first quarter. It waxes; it is a crescent. The room is rainforest. The door has been covered by leaves and vines. The salt water that blurred your vision has gone. Your bed has gone. Moss grows under your feet. You hear insects. You hear her moan, but it sounds as from a distance. The rupture is almost complete. You watch as the moon reaches the top edge of the skylight. As it does, its shape disappears. It is new. You listen to the jungle, and nothing else.

~ by kingzoko on January 29, 2013.

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