Love triangle

It was a crazy love triangle. Literally: the isosceles triangle was crazy in love. He was crazy in love with a pretty 3:4:5 right triangle, who didn’t return his affections. She was head over heels for a very dashing equilateral. She found his symmetry devastatingly attractive. Most unfortunate for the 3:4:5, however, was the bit where the equilateral was a closeted homosexual, who couldn’t help lusting after the long sides and brusque but charmingly masculine mannerisms of the isosceles. Soon each came to realize the futility of their love, and offed themself in what became a tragic trinity of broken angles. The isosceles gored himself on the points of a square. The 3:4:5 right slit open her long hypotenuse belly and bled to death. And the equilateral ran to the hot, geometrical planes where he was gobbled up by a ferocious circle who hadn’t eaten in weeks.

~ by kingzoko on September 25, 2013.

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