The Cognitio

Ms. LoveLove-Lahore waited, fuschia lips pursed in anticipation. With long fingers, she drummed thighs sheathed in white Le Smoking tuxedo pants. The auditorium at the Royal Academy of Sciences swelled with distinguished guests – top researchers representing every subfield under the scientific sun. They were gathered for the Cognitio Awards ceremony. Antonia was one of three materials science category nominees; her experiments with synthetic and biopolymers had led to the invention of a silk-neoprene blend which, when manufactured into suits, could be worn by both astronauts and deep-sea divers. Compared with existing standards, the material felt like a dream when worn. More critically, it withstood higher oceanic pressures, and blocked more radiation in space.

Also attending the ceremony, and nominated for the category of robotics, was Antonia’s childhood playmate and arch nemesis, Dr. James Rowbuck. She and Rowbuck had been competing since they were in diapers. Letting him pop her cherry at the age of thirteen ended the possibility of any continuing friendship. She’d reviled him ever since. But they were matched in brains and ambition, had had parallel successes.

She glanced down the row at him. That pretentiously-waxed mustache! That look he gave when listening to another (the raised eyebrows, the bored smirk)… which he effected now as Dr. McClure, the famed astrobiologist, tried to engage him with details on a current meteoric investigation. What a haughty little shit, Antonia thought. She must prove her superiority, forevermore. This was the opportunity. And once she had that golden triangle, she’d shove the pointiest end right up his virgin ass.

~ by kingzoko on September 30, 2013.

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