The first unicorn

Yeah, so I found the first unicorn. No big deal. Take a look at my curriculum vitae. When you’ve battled goblin gangs in the piney depths of the Black Forest (armed with naught but a nitroglycerin tube and a lighter), nearly drowned investigating exploded meteorites in the frozen basins of eastern Russia, or discovered a three-millennia-old temple city inhabited by ape-faced humanoids in the unnavigated rainforests of Cambodia, spotting a white horse with a horn is nothing to write home about.

Pretty creature though. I would’ve guessed that they’d prefer warmer climates, but no –– Patagonia. I came to a fresh lake in a hollow of those shingled, steppelike plains… before the barrenness converts to basalt lava and denser vegetation. It was there, lapping at the water: the spiral on its head grazing gentle surface ripples. It stood peaceably among the guanacos, who were also gathered at the lake to drink.

Of course, as with most of my other finds and adventures, no one else was around, and so my report cannot be one-hundred-percent verified. But someone someday soon will see what I have seen, corroborate my stories. Until then, take my word. It’s worth its weight in Atlantis gold (–– which is damn heavy. I should know, since I’ve got a chest full of the stuff).

~ by kingzoko on October 20, 2013.

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