No more good reasons

“Nuclear holocaust is imminent. We might as well make love now, before it erupts and we’re all annihilated.”

“We can’t. I have… I have a husband.”

“I know that. But what does it matter at this moment? He’s in Istanbul, the two of us are here. He’s probably already been killed.”

“Don’t say such things! Anyway, I can’t. The children…”

“Children? You have no children.”

“Um, well. It’s just…I can’t. My skin feels very fragile, like it might tear with the slightest touch…”

“You know I’ll be gentle.”

“I can’t. The moon…”

“It’s beautiful right now, isn’t it? Look how it makes a silvery bed of soft light on the rug there. The solar system is offering us this last drink of joy, on the house. It would be rude to decline…”

She yielded to his entreaties, to his fingers as they moved along her arm, to his black eyes like slices of deep space. On the eve of war, amidst a panicked and blind world, only the moon bore witness to how they fit their solitary pieces into the universal puzzle.

~ by kingzoko on October 25, 2013.

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