Pink elephants on parade! Pink elephants on parade!

Gleefully do I sing it, then shove another buttery fist of popcorn into the gullet. My old mama to the left, my baby brother to the right – and the three of us jolly at the circus, jolly like we haven’t been in a long, long time. Jolly like not since before papa got run over by that diesel truck two miles down from the trailerpark. We watch: women in firetruck red smiles and leotards wave to us astride barn-large elephants in mouse-tiny top hats. They’re moving slowly about the ring. A strolling pachyderm snorts up a dusty peanut from the ground. Baby brother chuckles so hard at this that he himself snorts up into his nostrils the cotton candy melting on his tongue, begins to whine with the burn of it. Mama’s wheezing with the efforts of her laughter. Hot damn! Everything’s grand.

Suddenly, stuff starts getting weird. I rub my eyeballs, but there it is: the elephants’ legs growing longer and longer. Soon they look like stretched-out string cheese, supporting mammoth heads and bodies that approach the tent top. The ladies bend forward on their spindle-legged mounts to avoid being crushed by the heavy canvas.

Shitfuck, mama! Am I going CRAZY?!

No, honey… this business is wackified. What’s that hussy doin with her titties swellin up like balloons and floatin all out of her getup? There’s children at this here show!

And she swats her palm over baby brother’s eyes. But I see no huge gazongas. All I see’s those gangly elephant leg-stalks, so thin now looks like they’re going to disappear altogether.

What the hell’s going on in this joint?

Baby brother snickers and says, In no way could it be all that paint you dumb dogs huffed before the show?

~ by kingzoko on November 4, 2013.

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