The Valora girls

At the edge of the wood is a vast plain. It stretches forward in all directions to the horizon, without a single landmark to ground the eye. The plain is a chessboard of geographic proportions: immense black and white squares lie in mathematically elegant alternation. This landscape, where the sun is always setting or rising (so that the light is continuously stretched and glittery), is where the Valora girls come to dream. In the beginning there are five: Kathy, Evelyn, Tamara, Sam, and Nickel. They are orphans finding asylum. Here they decide their adventures and realities. Here they become like little gods, distilling the Outer World’s myriad evils into concrete adversaries, with whom glorious war will be waged. Emboldened by companionship, the children can finally laugh in the ghastly but ludicrous faces of the enemy.

Somewhere a bell tolls nine o’clock. It is time. The Valora girls tuck each other into separate doll beds, each bed circumscribed by a white square on the plain. One by one they fall into a second slumber: first Kathy (the eldest), then delicate Evelyn, then tomboy twins Tamara and Sam, then scrappy young Nickel, last to arrive. They tune in to the silent, synchronized dream-chorus. Their singing builds until thunderous, for they sing without fear of discovery or capture – no one can hear them through the dream layers. Their metronomic intuition is impeccable. Each girl’s mouth, exploding with silent dream spume, harmonizes in perfect fifths with the next. Across smoky fields of expanding consonance, the battleground is staged. When all five are warmed up and filled with froth, the combat begins.

~ by kingzoko on November 20, 2013.

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