“There is absolutely no justifiable reason for the boyfriend to behave towards us in such a way. His outbursts are unacceptable, and they’re becoming increasingly violent. It’s our prerogative to call the authorities this time.”

“Forget your justice, your rationality and logic! Violet, the man’s an animal. Isn’t that why we fell for him in the first place? I think glass half-full: the hedonic desires… the frenzied passion… that’s what I’m in it for. Don’t even mind the beatings. I’d almost say I enjoy them…”

“You girls’re both wrong. Fuckin’ hell, keep the pigs out of it. What the bastard needs is a mighty ass-kickin’. I wanna have a go. Sharp upper-cut, gut punch, steel-toed kick to the groin. Should set ‘im straight.”

“Can we have milk pretty-please? We’re not babies anymore, but milk again, just this once? Milk makes boo-boos feel better…”

“Ada, buddy, you know the Core is lactose intolerant.”

“Ted. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Returned violence is not the answer. How often have I tried to show you the path of peaceful resistance? We’re smarter than…”

“Antonio man, cut the Gandhi bullshit. Ted’s never going to listen. And we’re not ‘smarter than’, ‘cause we haven’t left him yet. Why haven’t we fucking left him? That’s what I want to know.”

“Guuuuys. Let’s just go to mom’s tonight. Safe there. Take some valium. Drink a few glasses of wine. Sleep. Discuss later. I can’t deal…”

At such moments, the dissonance is overwhelming. At such moments, I hate them all. Other hours, other days, they can be the warmest, most kindred of human stews. But this. This leads to paralysis. At such moments, I nearly wish he’d do what he always threatens to do, and finish the job.

~ by kingzoko on December 23, 2013.

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