Halloween in December

Halloween watched them keenly through the wooden slats of his somber snowcoated hideout, plotting. Misfortune loomed for these gleeful youngsters! He thought greedly upon the impending panic – turmoiled shrieks, faces agape and aghast, fluttering attempts at escape – and then the ensuing gore, where he (with serrated claws and fangs agleam) pried into young flesh, slurping slaveringly the lifeblood from their ragged wounds. He’d skulk and slink and evanesce around the park until every childmite therein had felt his wrath, had sunken helpless in the otherworldly horror that oozed from his very marrow.

Half bogeyman, quarter vampire, quarter ghoul: Halloween was proud of his heredity, but bored of the routine. After centuries of subterranean rule, where he surfaced only once per year in late October, the tradition of haunting and bloodrinking and disemboweling on that singular occasion had become a hackneyed thing. The Almighty Lord of Fright had thus decided on a supplemental day. Christmas day. And he could already feel this break with convention running liquid renewal through his rimy veins. What a pleasure, to terrorize the little tots (giddy from gifts and gingerbread) as they gallivanted monkey-hyper on the hoarycloaked jungle gym!

He ogled his first victim. A darling four-year old in pigtails and puffy pink. Her older brother (an indubitable coward), boredly kicking up snowtufts and tending to her falls. Halloween smacked his lips at the rosiness of her cheeks, at the innocence of her joy. Then out he lurched, into the cold open beams of the winter sun. With jungly eyebrows and misshapen jaw, with snarled and bearish bodyfur, with gargantuan trench of inky black…his was a spectral and sinister sight.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Was at the park with little sis this afternoon. She and the other young kids there were totally hyper. I mean, I’d seen her gobble four chocolate cherry cordials and three licorice ropes (like every treat in her stocking) the hour before. Mom and dad don’t monitor what we eat Christmas morning. Like the only time of year they don’t. Well, the playground’s not so interesting to me anymore…although building snow forts is always cool. But I had to watch Emilia anyway.

So I was helping her climb onto the slide…when I spied that weirdo Jimmy scuttling around under the tower. It’s that enclosed part with the broken slat that everyone used to use during hide-and-seek, before it got super obvious. Jimmy is two grades above me (in eighth), but he’s so small and weird that even the sixth graders make fun of him.

Little sis and I moved to the balance beams. Jimmy left his spot and skittered behind this hedge right nearby. Oh man, he was following us. What a loser. Then he jumped out…oh man! I hunched over and laughed my butt off. Looked like he’d gotten in a fight with his dress-up chest and lost. He had on all this random Halloween costume stuff – those plastic vampire teeth that never fit right, a fuzzy brown bear suit, a witchy mask over his eyes and nose…and his dad’s huge black work coat that trailed around him on the snow. Even Emilia wasn’t scared. He swiped a couple times in her direction with his stupid bear gloves, but she just stared, confused. Then we heard his mom calling him, and he ran off. What the junk was going through his head, I wonder. I kinda feel sorry for the guy.

~ by kingzoko on February 7, 2014.

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