Exercises in style (13): 60+ word sentences

At the window of a strange and curious attic room wallpapered busily in bright jungle scenes a man stands, hands at his sides, staring out at the full moon which grazes the window’s bottom edge as he tries (mentally and unsuccessfully) to drown out the woman’s tortured wails rising from the floor below – since they make ugly sound-shapes of his name and his tears will drip regardless.

He stands still at the windowsill and not much changes for many hours; hours bob past like buoys in ocean waters rippling slightly from the reverberations caused by her rasping moans trickling upward, while upward also the moon is rising, until it is waxing gibbous in the crisped and navy night sky – and shifting equally now on the walls are painted details such as bromeliads and dragon lilies, monkeys and birds. There is a humming as both tiny insects and huge peel off of their paper prison, and there is cawing and hooting from various rainforest creatures as they transition gleefully into the three-dimensional space of the strange and curious attic room where the man continues to stand motionless, eyes wetted, arms limp, looking out, unaware or unintrigued (we cannot be sure which) of this fantastical takeover – that is, until a gorgeous tangerine bird-of-paradise falls, with coincidental exactness, in front of his nostrils and he’s forced to inhale its dangerous perfume (dangerous, because the scent mainlines into a nostalgia-seeped memory of her, most poisonous for all that has happened since).

Great swathes of time elapse, and the man stands yet at the attic window, but his position is the only thing unchanged, for the moon has risen into waxing crescent and become finally new; his eyes are dry; her calls are gone; his heart no longer pulses like a stone-heavy sore wound but instead feels airy and breathed through with jungle sweetness, since the strange and curious attic room has been utterly consumed by the exotic intensity of its secret tropical forest.

~ by kingzoko on April 18, 2014.

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