Exercises in style (6): 5- word sentences

A man at the window. Staring at the full moon. Attic window; frame-bottomed moon. Man hears her cries below. Pitiful, tortured moans they are. He winces, agonized. His eyes are sorrow-moist. Room is wallpapered, jungle scenes. Time passes.

The hours have lapped by. The man still window-present. The woman’s wails still issuing. The moon, though, is rising. It has become waxing gibbous. Amazonian flora peel off walls. The painted monkey steps out. He dances into the room. Birds swoop from paper, calling. Insect wings buzz three-dimensionally. Bird-of-paradise falls open. Its orange neon blinks electrically. Its scent envelops the man. Heady, reminiscent of cooling memories. Of life with the woman. The man sighs.

Much time has passed. The moon is window-top. Its white invisible; new. The room has become rainforest. Man hears no human voice. Only nature’s dark tropicality. He toes spongy moss. The room whisks him away.

~ by kingzoko on April 18, 2014.

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