Exercises in style (9): Poem

I stand, skylight-facing.
Attic. Wallpaper jungle.
The moon, full.
Her below-wails, terrible.
Tears from an un-man fall.

Time slugs on.
Still skylight-towards.
The moon, waxing gibbous.
Her below-moans, lachrymose.
                Yet dragon lilies, bromeliads, orchids…crepitate.
                Monkey unfetters.
                Paper-peeling, dimension-plumping.
                        Bird-of-paradise, tangerine-flamed.
                        It haunts nostrils.

Time smooches on.
I stand, still skylight-by.
The moon, waxing crescent.
Her below-cries, ebbing.
An un-man’s face kilning.
        Bird song. Insect sibilation. Moss spreading.
                Rainforest usurpation, entire.
                        Her laments dissolving.

The moon, new.

~ by kingzoko on December 29, 2014.

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