Coping mechanisms

        1. Caruncula
        I can stop thoughts pre-nascently, before they reach the frilly edges of consciousness. Certainly before my body turns container for useless sentimental items. Why engorge the veins and capillaries that way? Leave the saltwater to the oceans, is my motto.

        2. Dragée
        I’ve never had a birthday party refined enough. Generally I no longer mediate on the similarities between jewelry and dessert, except perhaps when crushing a bead between the only two front teeth that touch when my jaw comes together. Forgotten: candy necklaces. I try to forget the asymmetries and irregularities of my body.

        3. Borborygmus
        On average, the human organism produces two gallons of digestive juices per day. I like to set aside corporality. Except. The last night of our togetherness in France, crunched on the tiny bedspread of sailboats, his head on my stomach: you’re making poop! Or other opportunities for humor. Where’s the comedy in a huge mass of tissue hanging out where it’s not supposed to? Some delinquent pun, I suppose.

~ by kingzoko on January 9, 2015.

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