Still life

He painted them as they were positioned: pink grapefruit, green apples, lemons sliced open, flaunting their lewd flesh. Persimmons and mangos, strawberries strategically laid. He worked persistently, mixing the oily colors…dotting, dabbing, stroking the canvas…replicating the scene in all its eternal detail. Two weeks later, it was finished. He was pleased with the piece, and hung it on the wall above their dining table. As time went by he and his wife and children noticed the painting changing. The fruit replicas were growing larger, as if being zoomed in upon. Across the years this continued, until every element save a few minute grapefruit vesicles had passed out of the canvas’s frame. Only tones of variegated pink were then visible.

The artist had gotten old, and he died later that spring. The composition held its state from that point forward.

~ by kingzoko on August 16, 2015.

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