Holiday party, open bar

Cali Coast – kölsch beer:
Just ate. Starting light. But I’m feeling the music, the dancing, the beautiful people, the festive atmosphere.

Otokoyama – junmai gingo sake:
A little heady. Slightly. Warm skin, warm bones. Trying to ease in with the percentages here. Justin’s killing the DJ set. Everyone’s smiling, touching each others’ arms, glasses in hands, masks dangling around necks. My affection for individuals dilates already.

Old fashioned – George Dickel rye:
Didn’t take loong to nosedive into the steep stuff. Head is goodly abuzz. Feeling seductive… I jut out my eetsy black-and-white-striped hips when I walk and dance. Music’s goin off. Pop punk from the 1980s. Indian bhangra. I love moving my bodu! Why don’t I do this more often?! Affection forothers swelling incrementally. See – I’m still okay, can spell words like ‘incrementally’.

Yamazaki 12 neat:
Everyones doing shots. Shots shots! Sylvia keeps screechign. Booze isgoing down freely, hgus are going round freely. Timefor a smoke! Almost forgor I had this brandnew pack off Nat Shermans. Boyx s keep wanting to pick me up put I say NO and run away! I say thatas how I got five staples in my head!

Yamazaki 12 neat:
Intenstifies – movement, m;usic, darkglows pepoel falling more andmore. Feels osrry for Theo, poor guy gettingscreamed at doign his best. I am dstill good…standing, aware. jump behind the nbar to helpto some dishes. then I gest some peple some whiskey . but i can’t stya behind th e bar, I’m not workign tonight, I’m aprty partying!

Yamazaki 12 neat:
thiswhaiksy goes godwn likewa ter. theyv’e turned the lighgts up and meena I think is tellign us to algo ome. but athats a dumbida ! bars area stil opven, so wehead in a grop . I mremb r some tequija; next but then notmosh els utal cabhome.

~ by kingzoko on October 11, 2015.

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