Exercises in style (7): Lunar perspective

I am Moon. WICKA-WOCKA. (Scuze me, my craters burblin.) This night, have ingested copious quantities of othergalaxied stardust, and POW has it set my toes afire. So this night have decided to do a strange. Never before attempted in the history of my Moonness. WIBBLE-WOBBLE. (Scuze again, my axis a-tremblin.) I’m gonna be a fast one. Gonna skidleedip through orbit round that big ol fatty Earth. Gonna gun for whole way round in one o her selfsame-axis rotations. Here I go!

WEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Am wingin. A show for all those twiddles on Earth. I know there are heap o twiddles, cuz a two or three came to visit me once, landed on my craterflesh, n I eavesdropped, they were gabbin bout the many others… n how they all looked up to me during their darkness, looked up to my widest grin that they could see sometimes when they saw the whole face o me. But often they only saw a slice or a chunk o me. Dependent on where I was vis-à-vis them vis-à-vis Sun. ZOONKLE ZUM ZUM ZUM. (Woops, ignore. Only my atmospheres reactin.) Exhilarating race! Am now quarter-way round the fudzker.

Wonder what the twiddles are thinkin o my strange. Am rollickin with this stardust all up in my underbits, although zip seems to be waning. Gotta make it to half-point at a pretty minimum. A paltry hundro-thousand more miles… closin in… WICKA-WOCKA. (SCUZE me! This nutjob blastin’s givin me indigestion.)

Aaaaaand… there! Half-way round that fatty Earth in twelve hours. Wuptee hullaluja! I gotta get me more o that altergalaxied dust.

~ by kingzoko on November 29, 2015.

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