Exercises in style (16): Textspeak

sup dood

DOOD…where wer u? wut hapnd?

i wuz hidin…tryn 2 eskape gf

lol oic

4 realz
gf wuz cryn n cryn n im like FML
eskapd 2 attic, lockd hr out
watchd da moon, tryd 2 ignore hr shiz

wut… da moon? Y?

idk dood, shiz wuz fukd…i wuz sad

O RLY? uok? lol

YA RLY, fu. neway, da room turnd n2 a fukin jungl

oic! rotflmao

no, srsly dood. IRL. da jungl walpapr kam alive


fu, y dont u believe me

plz. where wer u rly?

dis hapnd. 4 rl. da attic room walpapr 8 me

wut. WTF. like wer da wild thingz r?

yeh, like dat. thought i wuz lost 4E. but den it spit me bak out
eskapd gf at least

lol. kk. yr batshit, imo. batshit FTW!

thx. fuk off. i gtg neway. l8r dik

coo coo. ttyl batshit

~ by kingzoko on April 7, 2016.

One Response to “Exercises in style (16): Textspeak”

  1. Hi Hannah, I like your story and I think I get it the monster face is the girlat the end. Congrats on the wedding

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