about (2010)

Zokomonium is a blog created to share my writing.

Over the past two or three years, writing (fiction) has become an increasingly important goal of mine. I’ve been very reticent to share anything with anyone up until very recently, and the majority of my stuff is still squirreled away. This is because, of course, I am afraid that my stuff is crap. This is also because it’s quite hard for me to bring pieces (even super short ones) to a more polished, semi-finished state.

But it is time for this blog. It is time to share, because:

1) it is important to overcome fear
2) it is important to get feedback
3) it is important (in terms of deadlines) to be held responsible to others

My goal is to publish at least one new entry, in any category, every two weeks.
The idea that even just a few people out there may be expecting that new post every couple weeks will be the most incentive I’ve ever had. I think it will do wonders to banish the excuses and justifications.

So far I have 4 categories, all under “fiction”. (I will be adding a “nonfiction” general category too.) Here is a bit of insight into each category:

— anezka: a character I’m working on. The plan is to eventually create installments (then maybe short story… then maybe novel…) revolving around her
— flash fiction / short-short stories: self-explanatory
— letter-a-day: an exercise idea I took from some list. I wrote fifty letters, over a period of about four months, to and from a wide variety of individuals (real and imaginary). They’re as yet unedited, except for the ones posted
— surrealscapes: each one is a individual prose-poem type “story”, but all eight share some themes / images / language style etc. and were written with the “set” in mind. They’re quite experimental, and far from totally finished

I would love to receive feedback… constructive criticism is much, much appreciated.

Thanks and happy reading!

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